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  • Take Control of Your Property Taxes: How to Protest Your Appraisal and Save Money in Texas
    As a homeowner in Texas, you may have noticed an increase in your property taxes in recent years. While property taxes play an essential role in funding local government services such as schools and public safety, it can be frustrating […]
  • Homeowners Rejoice: Property Tax Cuts on the Horizon
    Texans may soon experience the most substantial property tax cut in state history, thanks to recent legislative efforts. Governor Greg Abbott has prioritized it, and both the Senate and House have proposed ideas on how to achieve it. The Senate […]
  • TTIC adds Mike Karger as Underwriting Counsel
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Texan Title Insurance Company is pleased to announce the hiring of Mike Karger as Underwriting Counsel. Mike brings nearly 50 years of industry experience and a proven track record of success in underwriting and risk management. In […]
  • Respected DFW Veteran Lori Cordell joins Texan Title
    Texan Title Insurance Company is excited to announce Lori Cordell has been hired as Vice President/Agency Consultant with TTIC. Lori has built her title career spanning over two decades. “We are excited to have Lori join our agency team. Lori’s […]
  • Underwriting Bulletin 2022-07
    DATE: June 1, 2022 TO: AGENTS OF TEXAN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY FROM: TEXAN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY UNDERWRITING COUNSEL RE: AGENT’S REQUEST FOR AUTHORIZATION (OVERLIMITS FORM) ________________________________________ Attached is the current version of the TTIC “Agent’s Request for Authorization” form, commonly […]